Our Services

Cost Management

Our client-focused team provides cost management services throughout a project's lifecycle from the initial feasibility construction cost estimates developed using our benchmarking data through to detailed estimating up to the settlement of the final account. We will seek to understand our client’s key objectives and provide considered advice on design options, procurement and risk management as the project progresses.

Project Management

Starting with the identification of need, brief setting and defining project governance we provide our Clients with the full spectrum of Project Management services culminating in the successful delivery and handover of the project(s). Our team will, on behalf of the Client, appoint consultant design teams and specialists, set communication protocol, manage the planning and design process and procure works contractors.

Project Monitoring

Integral in the day to day running and a key component of a successful project outcome, the various Project Monitoring methods provide checks and measures to live construction projects minimising risk and making sure works are delivered in a safe and productive manner to maximise our Client’s return on investment. Periodic reporting will generally focus on progress, payment approval, costs to complete and areas of risk.

Insurance Valuations / Asset Appraisals

We prepare tailored cost estimates to a number of UK and overseas clients to assess the cost of reinstating a building on the basis of total loss or of such substantial damage that the entire building will require demolition and rebuilding. Our assessment reports follow the direction given in the RICS guidance note and are prepared with speed, accuracy and efficiency to allow the client to maintain the correct level of insurance.

Dispute Resolution

Due to the nature of the industry contractual disputes do occur from time to time. Our experienced surveyors work, often alongside clients’ legal teams, to seek and present relevant evidence in order to conclude and resolve disputes promptly whilst protecting our clients’ best interests.

Project Rescue

A strength of BWS is that at any point of the project cycle we can step in as a third party and provide an assessment on a project’s health and suggest changes to recover failing projects and provide staff to make sure the recommendations are implemented to achieve the objectives.