Cost Management

Our client-focused team provides cost management services throughout a project's lifecycle from the initial feasibility construction cost estimates developed using our benchmarking data through to detailed estimating up to the settlement of the final account. We will seek to understand our client’s key objectives and provide considered advice on design options, procurement and risk management as the project progresses.

Passionate About Partnerships

With our many years’ of experience across the Middle East we provide exemplar service to our Clients with a significant portion of our workload being repeat business. Fostering strong relationships with all we do not merely convey problems but try to solve these as we progress.

Comprehensive Cost Management Solutions

Effective and pro-active financial control from inception to completion, successful cost management is founded on a thorough budgetary preparation which in turn depends on a clear brief and finalisation of specifications. Accurate and early advice is imperative leading to the first deliverable, the preliminary cost indication or cost plan. We apply a lateral approach to cost planning in order that the different characteristics of the project can be taken into consideration and the most optimum scheme formulated. Value engineering is applied from the outset and benchmarking also forms a vital part of our early advice.

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