Project Monitoring

Integral in the day to day running and a key component of a successful project outcome, the various Project Monitoring methods provide checks and measures to live construction projects minimising risk and making sure works are delivered in a safe and productive manner to maximise our Client’s return on investment. Periodic reporting will generally focus on progress, payment approval, costs to complete and areas of risk.

Effective Control Measures

Project Monitoring services have been provided by BWS on many occasions for banks, funders and joint venture partners such as developers, airlines and hotel operators. It constitutes the overseeing on our Client’s behalf of all aspects of the project to ensure that the scheme is carried out in accordance with the Contract, within budget and on programme.

The cost monitoring element serves as an important “early warning system” of potential problems, reduces any chance of financial claims from the contractor and ensures that the project is being constructed in line with established budgets.

Trusted Employer’s Representative

This can be applied in traditional procurement situations or with Design and Build where our service extends to that of Employer’s Representative. The level and scope of our service can also vary significantly between projects. We are a very international practice and able to immediately consider established local procurement methods, roles and responsibilities, contract conditions and cost levels.

Recent Projects