Enhancing pre-construction processes using CATO software

Our measurement studio has now fully adopted the CATO Professional Suite from Causeway Technologies.

Director Rajadurai T highlights the time-saving benefits of the automated process and other useful hacks:-

  • ‘In introducing the integrated Cost Planning, Bills of Quantity Production and CAD Measure modules, the company is now able to produce project budgets and tender documentation for its clients more quickly and efficiently.’
  • ‘For the take-off and billing process we had been using a bespoke Excel-based software that had been developed in-house but the limitations were becoming more and more evident. The three main CATO elements link seamlessly and the CAD Measure module allows accurate and quick measurement from electronic files – this automated measurement module also accommodates BIM files so we are ready to tackle BIM projects. Coupled with the multi-screen workstations we have set up in our Bahrain office we strive to become as ‘paperless’ as we can’
  • ‘Within the modules there are a number of ‘hacks’ that, once the surveyor is up to speed with the system, allow work to progress extremely quickly thus improving delivery time and ultimately cost. Such tools include spreadlets and built in rebar tables as well as the functionality to use various libraries; copying, cutting and pasting from other dim sheets and creation of rogue descriptions.’ 
  • ‘Cost reports and their layouts can be designed to suit particular clients’ needs with recognisable terminology. Accurate reports are generated in good time to comply with projects’ demanding reporting regimes. The benefit of this is a consistent output with a professional appearance.’
  • ‘This certainly is the future and the adoption of CATO by BWS demonstrates a keenness to invest in innovative products’